About PLFF

The three most important things in this world.

Nothing in this world beats a good french fry. Or any good food for that matter. Food evokes memories of some of my favorite times (shepherd’s pie), places (Flatbranch’s mashers), and my favorite people (frozen fruit cocktail).

And since moving to Colorado all by my lonesome (originally, at least), I’ve had to learn how to fend for myself – and learn how to cook. So after spending many an afternoon bonding with the Food Network and being bored enough to start experimenting with new tastes and flavors, I’ve gotten to learn a thing or two.

Rule #1 of cooking in Colorado? Must follow the high altitude directions on the back of the brownie box. Trust me on this one. Baking in Colorado is extremely difficult, there’s always tweaks that you have to make to the recipe. The lack of oxygen up here tends to make for brownies that get really crispy on the outside but are still raw in the middle, or cupcakes with the middle sunken in. Most of the time I can alter the cooking time alone to make things work, but you’ll often see other high altitude tips along the way. General rule for high altitude baking? Cut your leavening by 2/3. So recipe calls for 1 1/2 tsp of baking soda? Cut it down to 1/2. Seems drastic, but it’s been the best alterations I’ve seen thus far.

In this blog/website/recipe collection, you’ll find all sorts of goodies – recipes I’ve created on my own (believe it or not!), some of my favorite from other people (including family and friends) my favorite cookbook classics, and recipes I’ve been introduced to by my fellow food bloggers. The food blogging network is amazing, and I love supporting my fellow foodies. Want to know some of my favorites? Check out my “Blogs I Love” tab.

Also included is my never-ending search for the world’s best burger and fries. I take my burgers and french fries very seriously and think there is very little in this world more perfect than an amazing burger and fries. Any recommendations are welcome!

Let’s eat!


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